Wetland Monitoring™

Leverage satellite data to assess dynamic wetland conditions without getting your boots muddy.

Why Use Wetland Monitoring™?

Monitoring changes in dynamic wetland ecosystems is a costly, time-consuming, boots-on-the-ground task. We provide satellite data for monitoring habitat and evaluating restoration impacts. Capture nuanced information about wetland conditions, such as seasonal or annual variations in water extent and vegetation density.

  • satelliteAccess the best-available satellite imagery for your area of interest
  • eye-openVisualize wetland locations and conditions to inform site assessments
  • dashboardEvaluate changes for compliance assessments and restoration evaluations
wetland monitoring dashboard

What Can Wetland Monitoring™ Do For You?

  • Conduct diligence rapidly and efficiently to set a baseline of wetland site conditions.
  • Monitor changes in wetland extent and vegetation over time.
  • Quantify restoration outcomes or changes in wetland habitats.
  • Collaborate with team members across your organization.
  • Get help from our team of experts whenever you need it.

Wetland Monitoring™ In Action

Upstream Tech worked with Environmental Defense Fund and Quantified Ventures to design the monitoring approach for an Environmental Impact Bond to support wetland restoration in Louisiana. The transaction is structured to provide a return to investors based on the effectiveness of wetland restoration in reducing coastal land loss in adjacent areas, but expensive on-the-ground measurements would increase transaction costs. With Upstream Tech Wetland Monitoring™, the Environmental Defense Fund is piloting a remote sensing approach to efficiently evaluate the success of restored wetlands at a large scale.

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