New Year, New Look

By Marshall Moutenot on January 21, 2021

If you are reading this, you’ve likely noticed that we have a new website. Snazzy! But the updates go beyond aesthetics. We redesigned and reorganized our website to better reflect our team, our mission, and how we solve problems for our partners. 

Our team at Upstream Tech is made up of folks from a range of backgrounds, and it’s their bright ideas, their collaborations, and the positive impact of their work that define us as an organization. With this in mind, we wanted to celebrate the team front-and-center on the site, and create an About page that gave a glimpse into our journey as a team. I can’t wait for the next time we are able to get together in person to get all sorts of great new pictures to highlight!

A mosaic of images taken over the course of the team's growth.
A mosaic of images taken over the course of the team's growth.

The new website also embodies our broad goal to make complex topics approachable. It’s easy to over-emphasize the technology, to lean into the catchy tech phrases. But we don’t talk like that as a team - why should our website? It’s not about the technology in isolation, it’s about what we can do with it. With everything we create, we aim to make complex information and analyses transparent and accessible.

Putting those two together, the website represents what’s important to our team: enabling effective stewardship of our planet’s resources through tools that are approachable and widely available. Let us know what you think!