Upstream Tech and Near Space Labs Announce Partnership

By Carolyn duPont on December 15, 2020

Near Space Labs to Provide Low-Carbon Approach to Remote Imagery Acquisition

The Upstream Tech and Near Space Labs logos side-by-side
The Upstream Tech and Near Space Labs logos side-by-side

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Upstream Tech, a mission-driven environmental technology company, today announced its partnership with Near Space Labs, also a mission-driven geospatial intelligence company. The partnership aims to provide Near Space Lab’s balloon-captured high-resolution remote imagery to customers of Upstream Tech’s Lens product.

Lens™ is an application that combines best-available satellite and aerial data with an efficient monitoring workflow, making it easy to monitor a broad range of properties no matter how large or remote. Land trusts, project developers, and conservation organizations collectively use Lens™ to monitor millions of acres of properties and projects around the world. Near Space Labs will provide the first low-carbon imaging capability to Lens that is cost-effective, high-resolution and flexible in capture frequency.

“I’m thrilled to add Near Space’s imagery to our suite of imagery options given our companies’ shared vision for better conservation and natural resource planning,” said Marshall Moutenot, co-founder of Upstream Tech. “Near Space Lab’s imagery quality is comparable to well-established data providers, and their affordable price point will help make high quality imagery available to a wider range of organizations. The Near Space Labs team is down-to-earth despite their balloons flying at 65,000 feet!”

Near Space Labs provides timely, location-specific, high-resolution Earth imaging from sophisticated balloon-mounted equipment, dubbed Swift. Swifts fly between 60,000 and 85,000 feet and are able to provide quick turnaround time from capture to image processing and delivery.

Near Space Lab's Swift Balloon
Near Space Lab's Swift Balloon

“Access to affordable, high quality, actionable intelligence in the face of rising environmental and climate risks is crucial for conservation groups. Whether you are a global organization, government agency or local nonprofit, you need access to the highest quality datasets that us technologists can produce for you. Protecting our planet and natural resources is one of the highest priorities humanity faces today. We couldn’t be more excited about partnering with Upstream Tech around this mission.,” said Near Space Labs’ CEO Rema Matevosyan.

Upstream Tech is a US-based public benefit corporation with the mission to empower better decision-making and natural resource management through technology. The company creates decision-support technologies for environmental conservation and a 100% renewable grid. Lens enables efficient monitoring of environmental projects and properties. HydroForecast is an end-to-end modeling and decision support service that combines physical theory with AI and satellite imagery to provide accurate and reliable hydrological forecasts anywhere on Earth. To learn more about Upstream Tech visit: or follow them on Twitter @upstream_tech.

Near Space Labs provides high-resolution, high-frequency imagery at down-to-earth prices. Their stratospheric balloons, which can be deployed daily, scan very large areas with a resolution of 22 cm per pixel. Their innovative technology allows them to process and deliver highly-detailed imagery to customers and partners within days. Near Space Labs launched in 2017 and is headquartered in Brooklyn. To learn more about Near Space Labs visit: or follow them on Twitter @nearspacelabs.