An efficient and scalable way to comprehensively oversee the landscapes that matter to you, no matter how large or remote.


Why Use Lens™?

Monitoring large, remote properties can be time consuming and costly. We work with land trusts, project developers, and conservation organizations to provide cutting-edge technology for efficient, effective land management. Easily survey all properties and detect changes in landscape conditions with our Lens™ service.

  • satelliteNo-hassle access to the best-available satellite imagery of your properties
  • timeSave time and money by targeting field visits
  • dashboardReduce the burden of reporting through automatic monitoring report generation

What Can Lens™ Do For You?

  • Monitor your entire portfolio of properties with the latest and best-available satellite data from 10+ public and commercial sources.
  • Easily detect changes and violations by comparing current and past imagery.
  • Automatically generate compliance and monitoring documentation.
  • Add your data - from building envelope layers to drone or aerial flyover imagery.
  • Collaborate with team members across your organization.
  • Get help from our team of experts whenever you need it.

Lens™ for Conservation Properties & Easements
Efficiently monitor conservation properties, detect changes and violations, and automatically generate monitoring reports
Lens™ for Restoration
Visualize short- and long-term changes on the landscape from restoration work to evaluate success and quantify outcomes
Lens™ for Wetlands
Quickly evaluate wetland and riparian ecosystems to inform construction planning or mitigation efforts
Lens™ for Rangelands
Guide management efforts with an up-to-date understanding of rangeland vegetation and precipitation conditions

Our Partners

Upstream Tech is proud to be an Affiliate of the Land Trust Alliance and to support the essential work that LTA and its many land trust members do across the country.

Satellite & Aerial Partners

We couldn’t do what we do without our partners who operate these sensors in space, in the sky, and on the ground.

Lens™ In Action: The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy in California was facing a challenge: with hundreds of properties spread across the state, getting to each site for annual monitoring was time consuming and expensive. And even during field visits, they weren’t always able to see the whole property. That's where Lens comes in! So far in 2020, the TNC stewardship team has saved an estimated 37% in staff time spent monitoring. With the ability to view high resolution imagery for conservation properties from any desktop, TNC's stewardship process has become more efficient and has access to more information about their holdings across the state.

Learn more about how TNC California is using Lens™ to enhance stewardship on our blog.

the nature conservancy logo
the nature conservancy logo

Lens™ In Action: National Forest Foundation

Over the last five years, the National Forest Foundation conducted extensive meadow and forest restoration across New Mexico and Arizona. However, it was difficult to comprehensively monitor and quantify the benefits of this work to verify increased groundwater retention - a key goal of the restoration efforts. Upstream Tech and NFF developed a robust methodology for using satellite data and analytics to historically verify water replenishment benefits over time, enabling NFF to efficiently assess the impact of meadow restoration treatments on groundwater replenishment. Furthermore, this evaluation methodology can be replicated for other projects to verify the ecological returns yielded by restoration work and communicate outcomes to stakeholders.

Learn more about how the National Forest Foundation is using Lens™.