Track agricultural management practices on the ground, from the watershed level down to the field.


Why Use AgTrends™?

Improvements to agricultural management practices can reduce runoff and conserve resources, but gathering field-level data is costly and time-consuming. AgTrends™ leverages satellite data and machine learning so you can set informed baselines and efficiently track progress towards your sustainability goals.

  • satelliteRapidly delineate farm fields and detect management practices
  • timeline-line-chartSet informed baselines and target opportunities for conservation investments
  • dashboardTrack adoption of management practices and visualize trends at a field and watershed scale

Management Practices Detected

Crop type
Classification of primary crop grown on each agricultural field and crop rotations over time
Riparian buffers
Presence of perennial vegetative buffers between agricultural fields and nearby perennial streams
Crop residue
Likelihood of crop residue presence before the start of the growing season
Perennial vegetation
Presence of vegetation remaining on agricultural fields after the growing season
Tillage practice classification, assessed for both spring and fall seasons
Cover cropping
Presence of cover cropping in the spring leading up to the next year's growing season
Irrigation intensity
Probability prediction of irrigation intensity averaged over a growing season

What Can AgTrends™ Do For You?

  • Streamline data collection with rapid agricultural assessments.
  • Measure and track year-over-year progress.
  • Identify gaps and prioritize conservation investments.
  • Generate an annual progress report.
  • Get help from our team of experts any time.

AgTrends™ Use Cases

Producer organizations
Analyze field-level conservation practice adoption to target field visits
Conservation finance
Support compliance monitoring and outcomes verification across investment portfolios
Corporate supply chain sustainability
Measure progress towards the achievement of sustainability goals
Evaluate program success with uniform, easy conservation impact reporting

Want to Develop Targeted Conservation Plans?

Upstream Tech partnered with The Freshwater Trust to create BasinScout® Platform, a tool for designing targeted scenarios to improve water quality and quantity.

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